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Hugo Herter

Software hacker, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics and Dynamic Systems aficionado. I love #Python and teaching #FOSS.

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  • +32/ 739 321 492 191 584 866
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Logo of Railnova

Software Engineer

Revolutionizing the Railway industry with remote asset monitoring



Teaching courses about Python, IoT and Arduino



Master in Bioinformatics and Modeling, ULB.

Logo of Master in Artificial Intelligence, Leuven

Artificial Intelligence

Master student at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

Logo of Python

Python Developer

Since 2004. Member of AFPY.

Logo of OpenTechSchool

Open TechSchool

Organizer and Lead Coach in Brussels.

Logo of Jeunesses Scientifiques

Jeunesses Scientifiques

Activity leader with Children and Teenagers.

Logo of OSI

Open Source

Promoter of Free and Open Technologies.

Logo of Processing

Digital Arts

Interactive installations with Processing, Arduino and openFrameworks.

Logo of iGEM

Synthetic Biology

Co-Inventor of a new Biological Glue (Patent).

Logo of Adapptor

Mobile Software Engineer

Creator of iOS Apps

Logo of Java

Java Software Developer

DAM for large online Newspapers